Running Man Gets Red Flag For Lee Kwang Soo’s Inappropriate words in Episode 402

On Running man Episode 402 that featured a funny confrontation between Lee Kwang Soo and AOA’s member Hyejeong caught the attention of TV broadcast regulators. Given Lee Kwang Soo choice of words, the Korea Communications Standards Commission flagged Running man for inappropriate content.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission issued an official warning to Running Man given the use of vulgar language 

Some of the Running Man cast members have been known to exhibit violent reactions as part of the c   haracters they play in Running man. Kim Jong Kook, Yoo Jae Suk, Haha and Lee Kwang Soo have engaged in onscreen arguments that would sometimes end up in a physical tussle.

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Song Ji Hyo even has a “bad Ji Hyo” personal where she would beat up Lee Kwang Soo or let out a string of curse words when faced with a frustrating situation. Several celebrities and K-pop idols who appeared on the show also received the same treatment from cast members or fellow guest stars.

However, on Episode 402 of Running man show sparked a debate among viewers for Lee Kwang Soo’s rude comments. Aired in late May, the episode featured a scene where the said actor jokingly called AOA’s Hyejeong a vixen and a gold digger.  Considered offending in South Korea, the word refers to a girl who would purposely deceive men.

Several netizens found  Giraffe of Running man comment rude and inappropriate for a rated 12+ show. Given how young students might also be watching the variety series, critics commented that cast members and guests should refrain from using vulgar words. Meanwhile, avid fans defended the actor and highlighted how Lee Kwang Soo was only playing his role as a devious and rude conman in Running Man.

Shortly after the episode was aired, the Korea Communications Standards Commission conducted an official review of the said Running Man episode. Recently, the regulatory body issued a warning to the SBS variety show for use of several vulgar words such as “retard,” “shut up” and “ggot-bam.” In an official report released on July 5, the commission announced that “a content with the potential of harming gender equality cannot be aired, even on a variety show.”

After an official review, KCSC announced a warning has been issued, and stated, “A content with the potential of harming gender equality cannot be aired, even on a variety show.”

At this time, SBS has yet to release an announcement to address the results of the Korea Communications Standards Commission’s review. Lee Kwang Soo and fellow Running Man cast members have also remained silent about the commission’s findings.

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