Rating Running man Episode 411 have slightly declined

Although, Rating Running man Episode achieved high viewership last week but this week the viewership rate dropped significantly.

According to Nielsen Korea, Rating Running man Episode 411 with low high viewership with no guests appeared on this Episode

Rating Running man Episode 411 have slightly declined
Rating Running man Episode 411 have slightly declined
  • Part 1 : 4.6 % ( -2.2% )
  • Part 2 : 6.5 % ( -3.0% )

The episode of Running Man that aired on July 29 featured a segment in which the staff would ask a random question about a member and another member would have to give three answers in five seconds. And HaHa had everyone laughing on Running man Episode 411 when he gave some unexpected answers to questions about Kim Jong Kook’s daughter. And Kim Jong Kook added more fuel to the fire when he joked everyone about his daughter in LA.

In Previous Episode, Rating Running man achieved high viewership with 6.8 percent during its first halfand 9.5 percent during its second with the appearance of three Action Movie Star Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg.

Currently, Audiences are interested in Running Man 8th anniversary episode the appearance of Mamamoo, Shin Hye Sun, Sung Dong Il, and Jang Do Yeon  “elite auxiliary forces” who will be lending their support to the “Running Man” cast during the episode’s special “Protect Your Name” mission.

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