Kim Jong Kook and his mom are on a trip to LA for his mom’s birthday

Commander of Running man Kim Jong Kook prepared a surprise birthday party for his mother while on holiday together in the U.S. Kim Jong Kook’s filialness once again touched his fans deeply when he celebrated his mother’s birthday.

Kim Jong Kook celebrated his mother’s birthday on LA 

On July 3, Kim Jong Kook uploaded a video and two pictures of him celebrating his mother’s birthday on his social media account. In the video, Kim Jong Kook comes out from a room with a birthday cake and starts dancing with his mother, holding her hands.

The pictures are of the birthday cake, and Kim Jong Kook’s mother and Running man commander standing closely next to each other. The top of the birthday cake is decorated with the character of SBS’ popular variety show ‘My Little Old Boy’, which Kim Jong Kook and his mother currently appear on.

Along with the video and pictures, he wrote, “Happy birthday, mom! We are on a trip to LA for my mom’s birthday. I’ve prepared a surprise birthday party for her. Thank you for celebrating it together, my bros!”. The sweet relationship between Kim Jong Kook and his mother is putting a smile on many people.

On My Ugly Duckling aired on April 1, Kim Jong Kook revealed that his mother underwent a big surgery in the past. Ever since then, he took care of his parents so much that other people thought he was making a fuss. From some point on, he really enjoyed spending time with his mother.

He shared, “When I was younger, I caused a lot of trouble, so I thought I should hurry up and succeed in order to make a lot of money and become a filial son. However, after experiencing that, I panicked. It made me realize that my parents won’t wait for me. I thought something bad could happen to them tomorrow.”


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