BlackPink Jisoo thanked Haha Oppa and So Min Unnie because gave her the winning rings

On latest Episode, the cast and guests paired off to compete for Couple Race of Running man with two members of blackpink, Chi Yeol and other female guests. The couples were Hwang Chi Yeol and Song Ji Hyo, Han Eun Jung and Yoo Jae Suk, Bora and Ji Suk Jin, Pyo Ye Jin and Yang Se Chan, BLACKPINK Jennie and Lee Kwang Soo, and BLACKPINK Jisoo and Kim Jong Kook, Jeon So Min and Haha.

Black Pink Jisoo’s IG story update of her and Jennie’s Running Man rings

Finally, Haha and Jeon So Min won the Race. But instead of keeping the rings for themselves, two Running man members decided to given their winning rings to Jisoo and Jennie. Meaningful gifts of Haha’s and So Min when they given their rings to jisoo and jennie. Their actions received many nice compliments received many compliments from the Blackpink fans. Many Blinks send their respect to Running man members.

From Jennie – Jisoo couple ring pics:

BlackPink Jisoo thanked Haha Oppa and So Min Unnie
BlackPink Jisoo thanked Haha Oppa and So Min Unnie

“Haha-oppa, Somin-unnie, thank you for the good memories   ”

*Early in the show, Jennie and Jisoo mentioned that they wanted to win the couple rings. Haha and So min won the couple rings, but because they’re so nice, they gave the rings to Jensoo

Blackpink Fans showed their respect to Running man members, especially Haha and Jeon So Min

A***:  themmm runningman member are the best

its**** : aawww haha somin gemes :”)

aria***** : I love how people are just giving these prizes away. Like how jisoo was given the Korean beef set even though she didn’t win on unexpected Q. And now jensoo were given these matching rings even though they didn’t win

ex****** : IM SOFT AWWWW

Ysabe*****:  Respect. Blinks Are Thankful to them.

Koo*****:  Running man cast really likes jensoo

The highest viewer rating for last Sunday’s episode of Running Man was during Jennie and Kwangsoo’s punishment: 8.3%

Rating Running man also achived 7.1 % for second part, an improvement from last week’s 6.8%.

Source: blackpinkupdate/runningman

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