That’s why you have to travel to Australia before you’re 30

We all dream of opening down Down Under and spending some time exploring and experiencing all the beauties of Australia . But we always come up with new excuses, why we can not now get on the plane and take the long journey to the other end of the world. After all, no matter how great the beaches may be, it’s an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Although Australia has something for everyone, it often feels like the whole continent is designed for young, independent, adventurous people. We’ll tell you today why you need to dig up your passport, stuff your backpack, and head off to Australia before you’re thirty (and the responsibilities and responsibilities that come with it).

That's why you have to travel to Australia before you're 30

  1. The 20’s are made for adventure

Of course, one can and should be ready for any age to experience adventure, but in your twenties everything seems a little more exciting to you and you are still carefree. And Australia is undoubtedly the best place in the world to awaken your own adventurous spirit. Adventure awaits you practically everywhere: They are in the air and lurking in the water – just ask the many parachutists, surfers and divers you meet here.

  1. It’s easier to get a visa

In short, you must be under 30 to be eligible for a working holiday visa . Such a visa is valid for one year and allows you to accept flexible short-term jobs, such as waiters, harvest workers or babysitters – all over Australia. In this way, you can easily meet new people and make money, so you can travel through this wonderful country.

  1. You have more freedom

If you want to see more than the usual routes of the package tourists, then you have to travel before your life is just work. And that’s why the decade between 20 and 30 is so special. It is much easier to take a career break at the beginning than later, when in a position of responsibility or permanent employment, and fortunately employers nowadays enjoy seeing it when a candidate has experience abroad.

  1. The responsibility grows

It is much easier to travel for several months without being tied to four weeks of annual leave and more fun. Once you have a family, the cost of air travel halfway around the world adds up to a sizeable amount – you can ask anyone who already has children. Sure, something is always and everyone has reasons why he or she just does not see himself as a world traveler, but in flip-flops and with sun-bleached hair, you do not let yourself be so stressed out of all the little and bigger difficulties that life has to offer. And just imagine, for months every evening barbecue on the beach!

  1. Travel long and travel far

You do not have to limit yourself to Australia. While it may be difficult for you to break away from this land, you can also use the year abroad to become adrenaline junkie in New Zealand, or bask in the idyllic shores of the Fiji Islands, or the rapidly growing ones Meet the cities of Southeast Asia. The air routes are not all that short, but you should take advantage of all the opportunities when you’re in the vicinity.

  1. There are koalas

I think I do not have to say anymore! What are you waiting for? You could already hold a cuddly koala in your arms. Seriously, the best time for that is now!

  1. Help combat climate change

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, but due to global warming, it is disappearing rapidly. A whole series of stunning natural wonders in Australia are equally threatened, so you should include in your planning how to make your stay ‘green’ as possible: A longer journey is better than several short ones (so you avoid the number of long-haul flights and catch at the same time more from your stay), and you can donate a small amount to an organization that plants trees to balance the emissions of your flight, and of course you should be careful to always be ethically correct and fair …

  1. … and sign up for volunteer projects

Australia offers a whole range of opportunities to engage in voluntary service. They are often tailored to young travelers. These include helping to protect coral reefs, helping out at music festivals, or working on farms. When you give something back to the culture and society that you feel at home for a limited time, not only does it feel great, but you also gain valuable experience that can be useful in the next steps of your career. In any case, you deepen your practical and your language skills.