Plan your next trip with Instagram: 5 tips

We all know Instagram. It lets you share photos of how creatively the barista at Starbucks spelled your name, or videos of ziplining in the jungles of Costa Rica, where your viewers get green with envy, or the atmosphere of a South African sunset on the beach.

Plan your next trip with Instagram 5 tips

What you may not yet know: With the help of Instagram you can plan your next trip – and we’ll tell you how:

  1. The good old hashtag

Our good old friend, the hashtag, we should always have on the screen. With hashtags you can search the app for topics, cities, countries and places worth seeing. For example, let’s say. You are interested in Asia, but you are not yet sure which country is right for you. So, you just go to #Asia or #Asia and when scrolling, you come across a photo of monkeys bathing in a hot spring, thinking, “That’s where I want to go!” Then you dig a bit deeper – For example, with Geotags (more about that right now) – and find out that you can meet these monkeys, which are incidentally Japanese macaques, in Japen. From there you try out more hashtags, for example #Japan, #Tokio, #thingstodoinjapan, and so on.

  1. Where is that?

With the so-called Geotag on Instagram you can add the location of your photo – and in this way you can also get inspiration from other users. For example, if someone posts a really cool picture of a wall of graffiti and the geotag tells you that it’s a place called “Wynwood Wall,” then you can click the location and find out that the wall is in Miami. Next, make a list of the things that you should definitely see in Miami – or that you really want to see – and you’ll quickly have a rough travel plan for your own personal trip to the Florida sun.

  1. Travelers, bloggers, locals

Instagram is teeming with travel addicts and travel bloggers. If you’re looking for a hashtag like #travel, #travel or #travelblogger, you’ll find millions and millions of accounts – and that’s no exaggeration. Instagram also shows the top nine posts of the day, so you always have the pictures on the screen that got the most likes. If you look at them and look around a little bit more about who they are from, you can, for example, find new destinations or a blogger to follow to get you further inspired. Another great way to learn more about the goal of your dreams is, of course, the locals, who can also be found using geotags.

  1. Tourist boards

Tourist boards play a major role in the tourism industry in many countries and are therefore often represented on Instagram – cities and countries often have accounts with easy-to-find names such as @visitchina or @sydney, including tips and advice on attractions, restaurants and bars, Find hotels and much more.

  1. Go to others!

And last but not least, do not forget what social media is basically about – networking with others, getting to know people or finding them again! If you found an interesting place, please post a comment and ask questions or ask for tips. If you do not know the person behind the account but are brave enough, you can also write a private message and ask for more details – maybe your questions will inspire the blogger for a new article. And also use your own network. Why do not you just post a photo of a dream place or a city you would like to travel to, and explicitly ask for tips and experiences? You never know who has ever been there and knows the best cafes or can introduce you to locals.