Miami vs San Diego: the duel of the beach destinations

When it comes to sun, beach and sea, San Diego in California and Miami in Florida are probably everyone’s first choice, especially if you like the United States. Both have beautiful beaches, lots of sun, great food and lots of sights and activities. And if you decide which of the two cities you want to spend a weekend / week / month or even a whole year, that can be quite difficult. But do not worry – I’ve put together a tiny guide that will tell you the most important thing about both goals.

Miami vs San Diego the duel of the beach destinations


California is generally drier and Florida is known for its high humidity. The average temperature for San Diego is 63.65 ° F or 18 ° C (which is the annual average, including the cooler winter months and hotter summer days), and for Miami at 77.05 ° F or 25 ° C Miami rains on average six times as much as it does in San Diego. San Diego has about 2958 hours of sunshine a year, and Miami is 2903 hours.

What would you prefer? High humidity and frizzy hair or cooler temperatures and smooth curls? Nevertheless, both places have great beaches …


What do Americans love most? Of course sports; and they especially love basketball, football and baseball. Therefore, every visit to the United States actually includes a visit to a sporting event. In this field Miami San Diego hits high. In San Diego there are the San Diego Padres (baseball) and rugby and ice hockey teams, but unfortunately they lost their Chargers (football) and Clippers (basketball) to Los Angeles.

Miami, on the other hand, is home to the Miami Dolphins (football), Miami Heat (basketball), the Miami Marlins (baseball) and the Florida Panthers (hockey). Also the major league expansion team in football will soon be home in Miami, led by David Beckham. Yes, exactly the David Beckham.


San Diego and Miami are both real melting pots of different cultures and ethnicities, with the most pronounced influence likely to be the spices of Latin America. In Miami you’ll find Colombian and Venezuelan arepas , Cuban cafe con leche with grilled bread, Peruvian ceviche and Mexican chicharrones – deep-fried pork rinds that are either solo or filled in tacos. If you’re a bit more adventurous about food, you can also try the local gator bites and frog legs (yes, you’ve read that right – alligators and frogs on the plate!).

In San Diego, you should always order fish tacos anytime, anywhere. They are just so good that you do not need anything else. But of course you can also eat carne asada fries , lobster rolls or Korean grilled meats – do not tell anybody you were in San Diego but you did not try any fish tacos. You just do not do that.


If you feel in San Diego that you want to see something different, then you have a few options to choose from: on the other side of the Mexican border, Tijuana awaits you, where it can live a lot cheaper. Or head up the coast to Los Angeles for movie stars, a hike up to the iconic Hollywood sign, or shop at Rodeo Drive. Alternatively, get on a plane and spend a few days in “Sin City,” as Las Vegas is often called.

From Miami you can head north to visit Disney World, or visit the whole world in a few hours at the Epcot Center. Further to the north is Daytona Beach, where you can watch the Daytona 500 (one of the annual NASCAR car races – much American can hardly be it). Or drive south to the Everglades National Park to see alligators and manatees. The Bahamas are not too far away if you’ve always wanted to swim with pigs.


Recently, we recommend that you listen to the right song to get in the mood. For San Diego, for example, there’s Tom Waits with his “San Diego Serenade.” And for Miami, we’d have my favorite piece by Will Smith: “Miami.” Do you feel that too?